G.Na Admitted to Charges of Prostitution

Many idol celebrities had been summoned to court for suspect of sponsored prostitution. However, “C” had been confirmed and interviewed by Ilgan Sports. Many speculated that “C” is non other than K-pop singer G.Na, whose real name is Gina Jane Choi. She had her solo debut in 2010 and is actively promoting in the K-pop scene under Cube Entertainment. However, Cube’s announcement of her contract termination earlier this year stir up rumors regarding G.Na and the prostitution scandal, which also occurred around the same time.

‘C’ had recently admitted to the charges of prostitution. No names were explicitly stated, but Ilgan Sports started their article by stating, “Even though her name was revealed only as an initial, it wasn’t hard to guess who it was. After news of celebrity prostitution came up, rumors came up that singer ‘C’ was involved spread. Her age was revealed, as well as that she recently left her label, and the target was boiled down to one person. Of course, there were many who didn’t believe it. She had promoted actively and had appeared on various shows and events. The fact that she had been involved in prostitution seemed like a story from a movie. The money received was also not small, but also something that someone in ‘C’s level could earn through CFs and events, further causing disbelief. But what had happened? ‘Ilgan Sports’ was able to have an interview with ‘C’.

Q: Did you admit to the charges during the investigation to the prosecutors?

A: First of all, I’m sorry for causing a disturbance. I admitted to all charges during the investigation. However, it’s not that I admitted to selling my body. It’s just that the actions I took legally were viewed as prostitution. Therefore, I decided not to take the long legal battle.

Q: Are you saying that you didn’t know what you did counted as prostitution?

A: I’m not a prostitute. I didn’t need to either sell my body or want to sell my body for the amount listed as charged. However, I was fooled like an idiot by a broker who I thought was my friend, and I became someone who had sold sex. I’m sorry for saying this, but through this experience I even thought, ‘anyone can be fooled’ and ‘anyone can become a prostitute without realizing’.

Q: Please explain more in detail.

A: This is something I was investigated on, so I’m sorry I can’t go that much into detail. However, I was told by a friend (who later turned out to be a broker) that he would lend me money during my difficult times and I took it, and later was told that I didn’t need to pay it back since it was difficult times. He then told me there was a person who was a big fan and asked to meet him like a blind date, and I accepted easily. Later, I found out that he had paid the broker for meeting me.

Q: The key point is that you never received money directly from the man.

A: I never did. As anyone can do, I had met someone as a blind date, and met him later with good intentions. I never thought about it as ‘prostitution’ and the problem was that during my hard time I just trusted someone too easily. Of course, that’s not to say I am entirely innocent. I was stupid. I was idiotic and made unwise choices. I’m regretting it and I’m so sorry to my fans and family.

Q: How do you feel right now?
A: My father passed away when I was young, and I felt that I had to protect my mother and my little sister. I borrowed money dumbly during that situation, and didn’t know about a strange transaction. I felt sincerely sorry to my fans from this situation. It’s not that I’m thinking of coming back to the industry. I just thought this every night. I’m just so sorry that I worried the people who supported me and cheered me on. I’ll work harder to become a smarter person.